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Cape Town 12 ONERUN 2018

Morris Gachaga - Cape Onerun

CAPE TOWN 12 ONERUN 2018 – From Sean Falconer’s enthusiastic welcoming onto the buses in front of the iconic City Hall to the entertainment at the Lagoon starting area the wait of 2 hours is more pleasant than the ordeal at Staten Island before the New York marathon.

Morris Gachaga and Jackline Chepngeno top in Cape Town Onerun 2018

The fickle weather defied the predictions enabling the huge crowd to enjoy a world class event.

The Cape Town Onerun enables everyone to enjoy the spirit and feel of the great city marathons.

And certainly warmer.

The northerly wind was expected to propel the elites to faster times and possibly threaten last year’s world best of 33’27, but the unintended consequence was a very humid first half.

Many remarked that the sweat was flowing within 2 km.

This took it’s toll after the long additional bridge around 7 km and impacted on the last 3 km.
Leg fatigue on the long incline up Adderley St and the beautiful tree-lined Company Gardens required harder work.
For the vast majority running to savour the event this was no issue, but it could explain the 15 seconds slower and closer finishes.

Morris Gachaga again at Cape Onerun 2018 – Men’s race unfolds

The top 8, all visitors, streamed in over a compact 24 seconds.

A magnificent photo opportunity catching them in the same frame flying down Bree Street in a last km of 2’19.

Clearly South Africa is way off the road compared to the 1980s & 90s when New York, Berlin and Olympic golds were achieved by many international calibre runners.

Stephen Mokoka stated that he was with the Kenyan/Ugandan bunch until the last kilometre but could not match their ability to quicken.

He hung in for 9 th, a gaping 35 seconds adrift.

He graciously paid tribute to the visitors and Stillwater/FNB for bringing this international opportunity to South Africa.

The organization on the route was excellent, the entertainment festive and the performances a spectacle worthy of bigger crowds.

The Kenyan machine delivered another winner as Morris Gachaga retained his title in 33’42, just 3 seconds ahead of Victor Chumo who pipped the youthful John Langat by 2.

The East African benchmark is very high and locals have no illusions of how much work awaits to breach this chasm.

This was emphasised in the Ladies race.

The touted runners filled the podium, but the Kenyan, Jackline Chepngeno, completing the double for her nation, and Ugandan Stella Chesang had the race to themselves.

Possibly last month’s Commonwealth gold and the Australian travel blunted Chesang when Chepngeno, after a quiet 2017, stepped it up.

She broke clear quickly and winning was never a doubt.

She strode to a comprehensive 16 second victory.

Kesa Molotsane must be thrilled with her effort.

Courageously earning the third podium place by besting Betha Chikanga by just a second.

Nolene Conrad performed creditably after her recent marathon and half-marathon in 6 th.
Evergreen Christine Kalmer took 9 th with Zintle Xiniwe rounding off the top 10.

The one lesson is clear: there is no substitute for speed.

Events: 2018 FNB Cape Town 12 ONERUN
Date: Sunday, 20 May 2018
RESULTS: Top 10 Men and Women


1 Morris Gachaga 33:42, 2 Victor Chumo 33:45, 3 John Langat 33:47, 4 Abdallah Mande 33:53, 5 Mande Bushendich 33:55, 6 Noah Kipkemboi 34:00, 7 Mathew Kimutai 34:01, 8 Filmon Ande 34:06, 9 Stephen Mokoka 34:17, 10 Joel Mmone 34:35


1 Jackline Chepngeno 39:12, 2 Stella Chesang 39:28, 3 Kesa Molotsane 39:53, 4 Betha Chikanga 39:54, 5 Glenrose Xaba 40:03, 6 Nolene Conrad 40:09, 7 Nancy Wambua 40:15, 8 Rudo Mhonderwa 42:02, 9 Christine Kalmer 42:06, 10 Zintle Xiniwe 42:13

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