16 Facets

The 16 Facets explore what makes Comrades an “ultimate”, an exceptional event, even the “greatest” ultramarathon in the world.

They started as four, grew to more. They still grow, merge and rearrange themselves as I run and  think.  That means they might end up less; but as my experience of the event deepens, as I engage with others who take part, most likely the 16 will end up more.

Facets are part of a whole. Like facets of a jewel  they can be shaped and polished to bring out the brilliance within. Link from here to what I have written so far:

Facet 1: The gem in the conception

Right in the heart of the Comrades Marathon, in its conception, is a very special idea. So rich is the idea that it lifts the Comrades out of the being just another road run into a remarkable human event. Some of it is lost in the logistics, the sweat, the focus on who wins and on times, but it is still there. The heartbeat of the run that gives it its life. Read more about The gem in the conception here.


Facet 2: The perfect distance

The Comrades is distance is just the right distance, no matter that it changes, for a perfected running experience. Long, but not too long, short but in no way too short, in fact the Comrades distance is a perfect distance … Read more about it here.

The Perfect Distance … part 1

The Perfect Distance … part 2

The Perfect Distance … part 3


Facet 3: The Comrades Spirit

Ultimately, so to speak, the Comrades spirit lies in the amount of good will it generates among so many people; part of that is just how deeply it stirs in them; and part of it too is just how deep the feelings are that it stirs up. Much of the spirit of the Comrades in found in the stories the spirit.

More about the Comrades Spirit here

Facet 4: History of The Comrades Marathon

More about Comrades historye

Facet 5: Training for Comrades  – Fire in your blood

Read more here