The big day looms big

So why Comrades 2011, so far, hard?  Got so much before, so what come back? Partly I know: be strong for my life’s autumn; healthy for two beautiful kids; top-up my soul with moon, stars, friends, more of the riches of the running world.

But one more medal holds something I can’t know ‘til it’s in my hands, ‘til later when the culmination subsides and I can hear the whispers of the stars.

How’s that? Better not catch a cold. Finish packing! Come on! Sunglasses, Viagra, in mean electrolytes capsules, pacing schedule, energy bars, peanuts more …


Packed so far: shorts, vest, lucky socks, news shoes worn with 150 km off their soles, timing chip, a couple of memories. Need spare shorts in case I lose more weight, these ones are barely hanging on … I wish. Got a zip-lock bag of external resolve; last year I took a 10l jerry can. Less training more resolve; more training gotta force myself to stop grinning, jumping, getting on the plane 2 days early.

Day before:

Gotta preserve these old legs. Following Lance Armstrong’s example I took my performance enhancing things: wine last night, coffee this morning, water and fruit salad then 25 min cycling at 70 rpm. Weight, according to the gym scale is stable if not a few grams less plus I had my glasses on. Relief. Taper isn’t making me heavier so I can eat more:-) Test of gut and calluses less than 8 days away.

Before that: I ran a bit.