Recovery, recovering

The medal still warm in my pocket, my mind turns to next year’s run.

Still another 4 weeks of recovery running before I start my secret plan improve my time:

  • 1 min because its a down run, further sure but easier in a way and it ends at sea level, Toll Gate hill just isn’t Polly’s although that steep little from under the bridge up to the freeway is a real challenge
  • 1.25 minute through training more
  • 1.5 min through training better
  • 1.75 min through losing weight
  • 2 min through less Merlot during training
  • 2.25 min because I got through 2011 in time

Phew, at this rate I’ll get there before the sun goes down. One day I want to finish the Comrades Marathon AND get home again before the sun goes down.

My dreams are cocky. They want more running, faster running, bouncy running.

My legs are wary. They want a massage, arnica oil, ice, rest, Cabernet Savignon.

My mind is happy, my soul, whole.