Time to get serious again

Its the end of August and the next few weeks are important. In a very real way ones best Comrades Marathon time is determined by the end of October. After that its one training is about getting strong enough while remaining fresh enough to achieve the best time.

More on this will follow. In the meantime, especially for runners like me who have recovered from this year’s Comrades these weeks in September and October are there there to get right the key ingredient that will take ones Comrades to the best it can be.


For some it might mean getting ones mind right or for doing a run longer than Comrades to get perspective from “the other side”.

For me it will be about doing work to improve my slowing running speeds. That means maintaining a good base weekly-mileage and also doing some effort work, intervals, fartlek, hill intervals, time-trials. Maybe two three-week sessions with a rest between. The second one harder than the first.

At least I have got rid of the ‘flu-like illness I got from the rest of my family. Spring is nearly here. Summer is coming. The warmth will be good, my tan will be richer and sunrise will come closer to my normal running time.

So after 20 min this morning (and that after 10 days of not running at all) all the zest and zip of my running came back to me.

Life looks good again.