Last long run coming

Two Oceans Marathon

Two Ocean’s marathon coming up soon, less than two weeks.

The last extra-long run  preparing for Comrades. Two Oceans Marathon – 56 km of Cape Town. Some race it. So it’s a challenge even though any distance, even 100 metres can be a challenge too.

But I’m not worried. It’s a test but not a big one. An opportunity to practice Comrades race pace, drinking and eating on the run, running a crowded road and to put a bit more steel in my legs. They need that effort beyond the 42.2 km marathon mark. My mind needs to be out there and remind it to feel good at 50 and 56 km  as Comrades is a lot further.

And I’ll practice the training taper too. So this week I’ll run a little less with a longest run of about 15 km.

I don’t mind, even though I love just getting out there and I like the way my body has got stronger since December and how I found another gear for running.

A couple of easy weeks, Two Oceans, then more miles and hillwork and  I’ll be ready for the big one.