Something deeper

The race-pic of me walking Polly Shorrts in long shadows was a bit of a nasty surprise. Legs, body, arms look strong with enough thrust. But my face shows strain. Much more drain than I was feeling.

Thought 1: Maybe I shouldn’t have been as confident as I was feeling. Sure I was desperate to see the 8 and 7  km-to-go board which I never did.  But that doesn’t explain all the drain. I knew I was dehydrated but maybe not as much as I must have been. Still I knew I had enough time and enough in me to finish. So I was thrilled. Which should have added a bit more spark in the eyes under the cap that had worked so hard for me.

Thought 2: Mostly I don’t talk about this, because I worry that if I do, it will disappear. Who am I to get this magic you see?  But, well, I knew even then after all that heat, I had tapped a deeper energy. It’s happened before.  Some things, Comrades being one, put me in its flow. That’s all I’ll say for now.