Comrades 2012 training: Gotta get serious now

Well not too serious.

More like focusing a little more

Last year (2010) this time: recovering from a seriously twisted ankle. Gingerly running maybe 7 km a day, 3 and if I could, 4 times a week. I had my focus and inspiration: in deference to getting older, I wanted just one more medal; one more finish within the cut-off time. I wasn’t sure I would get it but I had the hunger.

This year (2011) this time;-) I have a comfortable base of over 40 km per week and a good 5 day-a-week pattern. I’m not pushing anything much, just strengthening my base so that I can build up from early next year. My internal system are much more in tune after all the consistent running. That makes it easy to find a pace that I can sustain for a couple of hours without any oxygen debt – or quickly recovering on a downhill after the effort of a long up. My comrades quest doesn’t have a focus yet but I’m not worried about that. I know I can do it and if I stay uninjured and healthy things will be just fine and I might even get to the end an hour faster.

Plus warmer weather is coming, I’ll get sunrises on my run. That’s enough to get me out the door.

Plans: lengthen on of my midweek runs; run a 42.2km marathon in November.