Stars in my ears

Warm morning, easy running, no problem to go out, to run harder to feel that what I do is training. My friend Linda suggests discipline gets me up-I wish I had an iron will. Something else drives me: maybe I need to be strong for my family and my autumn years; maybe the beat of the running song and the whispers of the stars. More pressing: 3 weeks and this quest will be over. More twitching: tummy, knees, earlobes.

Rest days

Foghorns, the mist, a Cape Town autumn morning will have to wait. Robyn needed sleep after a hard night with Emily so I got this instead. May my rest day today instead of tomorrow. Maybe run this evening. Lots of options. Lots of life. Lots of love.


real running

Awake 10 min before the alarm, keen to run after rest days and the 5k yesterday. Quickly passed the hour I give my body to sip coffee, wake, rid itself of waste, muse and maybe talk to my son in Taiwan. Quickly, silkily went the 8ks run in a light drizzle. Legs great, spirit sparkling. Freshen in the now chilly pool, crunch an apple, chew an orange; life ahead.