The Comrades Spirit

Comrades Marathon Founder

This bust of our Vic at the Comrades House, Pietermaritzburg

Vic Clapham

Vic Clapham, founder so long ago of the Comrades Marathon, got us to generate human spirit as we entered the long training months and then took on the run itself.

Sometimes, maybe because so many complete it, so many ordinary looking people, Comrades seems an easy thing to do.

Funny. Its anything but. Those who do it know better. Those who get themselves through the training needed, know better.

The Spirit

The Human Spirit, Vic thought about, rises when the going gets tough. Flows as runners share the load, encouraging where they can, being encouraged when they need it.

Had he been here to ask, I’m sure he’d have agreed that all of us touched by it, runners, supporters, spectators, volunteers, officials and more, could take the Comrades goodwill back into our everyday lives. Its not just something that happens on one day and then gets left.

Anyway, that’s what I think. We run, we become more human, we bring humanity into our daily lies.