Reaching my limits

I must be getting to my limits.

I’m not sleeping right. I go to sleep early to get a proper sleep and wake, after 4 hours feeling awful but unable to sleep again
Nor am I eating right. I pick at food, eat junk and less healthy food because its easier and don’t make sure I get the right variety and quantities of food as I would other times
I keep bumping into things that should be easy to avoid, like the corner of our kitchen counter.
My wife says maybe I am doing too much.

Other things are right though: I still want to get out and run, my zip and zest, my libido if your like are okay, the crispness of early bird calls is still thrilling.

So I know I am not breaking down yet. but I know that must be careful

So it’s time to make sure

  • not to push too hard
  • I eat right and drink enough liquid
  • get proper rest
  • monitor my running, my body and maybe adjust the targets

Pushing these limits is where I want to be. I must just watch that  I don’t push myself through them