The 2nd last phase of training

Building for peak mileage

The recovery week after the 56 km long run is over. It made me sleep long on Saturday and Sunday and miss the Monday run.

Today I wanted to get out the door and did and felt very strong over ~8 km: run 1 of building to the longest week of my Comrades training this year.

Given my average of 50 km a week so far this year, 70 km over 7 days should be about the maximum.

I might just shoot for 80 km by doing my long run on a Sunday and the next long run on the following Saturday, giving me a good base for doing 80 km in 7 days. I have already done 77 km that way before Two Oceans, so 80 km is not that much more. [You see the hold these numbers have one me. But I have to watch that I don’t do too much]

The thing about an 80 km week is that it’s not too far from 89 km- the Comrades distance. There is an old running adage: if you can run it in a week you can run it in a day. So its a nice aim.

89 km would be a big confidence boost but is lots more than 70 km.

I’ll see how it goes. I don’t want to ruin my training by doing too much.



Two Oceans Marathon

So the long training run for Comrades

I’ve been taking this Two Oceans thing quite seriously: tapered, carbo-unloaded (eaten less because I am running less); goodness this morning I jogged just over 1 km down to the gym, gym-cycled 20 min, jogged the 1 click home, to keep moving, flushed and primed.

Just as well this effort won’t end after those 56 km on Saturday, no matter how beautiful the run is supposed to be.

Don’t want to let go all this running so soon in the year.

It’ll be good a good run. Good to practice for Comrades, which will be good practice for this life I have to run.