Rugby and running

One of the by-products of rugby is the recovery massage practice.

The players get battered and bruised in  game,  get fixed up so that they can get battered again the next weekend.  They sit in an ice bath. Specialists dig deep into their bruises.

Getting fixed is almost as tough as the playing. I got a taste of that yesterday. I should do it more through the training weeks.  But I like, before Comrades to get my legs flushed and the trigger points released, in there where muscles have jammed in their fascia sheaths. It hurts. But not too bad.

Afterwards my legs have happy bounce. I feel even more ready to run.

And Jody, the expert says my legs are not in bad shape.

It’s gotta be good.



Three Sundays from now I’ll be peeing on a dry bush at the bottom of Fields Hill, maybe someone’s toes. Getting agitated. Flushed legs with 20 min gym cycle this morning, electrolyte cap, lots of water. Didn’t that do wonders? Now the strain on the ITB that Jody the torture-massager said I needed to stretch more burns at my hips. Air-conditioning isn’t outside, doesn’t rustle at your ears, but the right place to unblock leg-(toilet)-pipes 😉