5 miles-8 km

Good miles or junk miles?

Sure there was a time when I wouldn’t run less than 12 km at a time. That’s a memory I can’t do now.

The thing is, these 5 mile runs in the morning are working for me. They are short enough to recover from before the next run.

They are also long enough build decent mileage. Four mornings a week gives me 32 km. W a weekend run of 25 to 28 km, I am nearly at 60 km a week on just 4 days of running. And not wearing out …. yet anyway.

Actually this morning, the third run of the week, was faster with less effort than the Monday and Tuesday runs. And that’s got to be good.

And MapMyRun says they are actually 8.72 which means another 2 km every 3 runs.

As I build up now I’ll change n of the 8km runs 12, maybe 13 or 15 km, add in another 8 km run and then I’ll be doing over 70 km a week.

On that I used to run Comrades in less than 9 hours. Then. In those days.

And now?  Should get there in less than eleven hours at least. Except I don’t want the time. I want the run and to share it with my friend, no matter what time we do.