Another run …

… another thousand thoughts. With each step a cascade of well-being. What to write, what to say? Just this then: had coffee with Venus and co today, the moon was rather late. And from time to time I pushed my plop-flop running to a plap-flap; by the end it was the lightest plip-flip 94kg can do, feeling this perfect. Really. I had a nice run you see.

rain gone

Moon clear, Venus bright, they’re back in cappuccino range. Air crisp after all the rain. Body sluggish after all the rest. 10steps: can’t breathe; 1k: body kinda in gear; 2ks a giggle pops out; 3ks phew, I should have got brakes for my new shoes – 12 years old again, free in frosty ‘Maritzburg. And … there it is, the early bird’s quick call “tree-troo-tree” at five-to-six, an hour before sunrise.