The Ultra Ethos

Why do ultras?

The ultra-ethos:

Get yourself strong, start something you might not be able to do.

When the going gets tough, go on; when it gets tougher dig deeper;  go on until you finish it.

Not because you have to, were told or paid to, not because there is a crisis or a medal you can show or a reward

Go on because you choose to.


The engagement, you get to understand, creates good in you.

Another recovery day

The problem is I like  running, I like getting up in the morning, into gear and out the door.

And I  can’t. That pesky marathon I enjoyed doing is keeping me inside.

More accurately I shouldn’t run now, not for the hour and a bit I’d like to.

And this year, after all my accidents last year  I said that If I shouldn’t,  I wouldn’t.

That marathon on Sunday doesn’t count . It was one of those that  I could so I should and did.

So now I rest. A cool running morning, the  foghorns and sunrise go on without me.

Getting training right is a problem.