metal in the legs?

Into the marathon forge

Running the Peninsula Marathon unplanned, put metal in my muscles. I’m sure?

Running indulgence

Goal for the first 31 km

I ran Redhill Marathon a month ago, rested week then put in two 28km weekend runs.  Because my wife didn’t want to risk a marathon so soon after recovering from an illness, I ran this marathon as a R20 substitution.

My legs were a little tired and my easy, ambling pace was actually more like a slow recovery pace.  So I had to push to keep at a nearly respectable 6:10 or so a km.

Maybe putting the fire of the run into my legs, adding a double espresso at 31 km when they were just hot enough, then jumping in the pool at the end, made them tougher. Metal in the muscle forged into endurance road-running shape. I hope.

The way I feel today – a bit used in the legs and feet but able to do the stairs easily – says that I didn’t do too much. And I was happy not to run this morning.

Higher order Marathon Verdict:

I still like the marathon distance. It’s far enough for the achievement to glow. Far enough to unclog all my feeling channels. Hard enough to quench my thirst for living,  at least for a day or two. And I get home before lunch.

Recovery Re-discovery

Jogged this weird-warm winter morning;

a shirtless ode to summer

Eyes filled with stars.

Legs a little stiff.

Saturday’s morning’s 13 k:

Too much fast, too much fun.

No training burden, you see.

Just running playfully.