The longest week

So it begins …

1-Running Log for Running Workouts  MapMyRun - Google Chrome 20130430 125041 PMThe only way really to simulate the demands of Comrades without running it and without breaking down:  The highest mileage and hardest work week, at the end of 4 weeks of increasing mileage and effort work. My target is the Comrades run distance of  87 km.

There are still 5 days to go and will include for me a long run, of ~44 km with little flat and 4 hills, up and down.

For the first 10 km today I was in a not-good deep-effort zone. Had they been the measure, I would have had to scale back.

But a surge released and  lifted me through the last 8 km.  Great. I’ll take that and run with it, as it were.

A signal that my training process is working so far.

From now I’ll take it hour by hour, km by km, sleep by sleep, drink by glass of water, meal by salad, and see how far I can push.

But maybe I won’t mow the lawn too often.

Reaching my limits

I must be getting to my limits.

I’m not sleeping right. I go to sleep early to get a proper sleep and wake, after 4 hours feeling awful but unable to sleep again
Nor am I eating right. I pick at food, eat junk and less healthy food because its easier and don’t make sure I get the right variety and quantities of food as I would other times
I keep bumping into things that should be easy to avoid, like the corner of our kitchen counter.
My wife says maybe I am doing too much.

Other things are right though: I still want to get out and run, my zip and zest, my libido if your like are okay, the crispness of early bird calls is still thrilling.

So I know I am not breaking down yet. but I know that must be careful

So it’s time to make sure

  • not to push too hard
  • I eat right and drink enough liquid
  • get proper rest
  • monitor my running, my body and maybe adjust the targets

Pushing these limits is where I want to be. I must just watch that  I don’t push myself through them

Number Stories

What stories do the log-book numbers tell?

1-Weekly mileageDistance

77 km in the Two Oceans week, 33 easy the next, then 56 and 65 km building to 80+ km longest week. It’s not a lot by the hero runner standards by it is more than the minimum and just a tiny bit less than what I can handle, I hope.

The tension: Two weeks of longer running left before this years Comrades. The old dilemma returns: I want to do more but I don’t want to do too much. Just 1 km, even one step can be too much and push me into  overdoing. overcooking territory. With that too much training flies out the window. I’m nervous.


Another story is how they add together. All theose kilometers, those training miles, add together. If I don’t do too many, they’ll get me to the Comrades’ finish line. They are great enablers those humble, foot on the road steps


The pay-off :  And then there is the richness of the long running moment. The song of waterfalls, the flap of feet on tar, the belly-filling warmth of the rising sun, a mind unclogged, a soul tuned to the song of the universe, tight,rippling, responsive. And still more ….

The 2nd last phase of training

Building for peak mileage

The recovery week after the 56 km long run is over. It made me sleep long on Saturday and Sunday and miss the Monday run.

Today I wanted to get out the door and did and felt very strong over ~8 km: run 1 of building to the longest week of my Comrades training this year.

Given my average of 50 km a week so far this year, 70 km over 7 days should be about the maximum.

I might just shoot for 80 km by doing my long run on a Sunday and the next long run on the following Saturday, giving me a good base for doing 80 km in 7 days. I have already done 77 km that way before Two Oceans, so 80 km is not that much more. [You see the hold these numbers have one me. But I have to watch that I don’t do too much]

The thing about an 80 km week is that it’s not too far from 89 km- the Comrades distance. There is an old running adage: if you can run it in a week you can run it in a day. So its a nice aim.

89 km would be a big confidence boost but is lots more than 70 km.

I’ll see how it goes. I don’t want to ruin my training by doing too much.