More than just a road race

If Comrades was just another long road race,  an “up”, a “down”, and a silver medal would be enough for an ordinary runner like me.

But Comrades is much more. Partly because of what I do with it, sure. You seem I’m a magician. I make it big, rich, fulfilling, especially if I can finish in time. But I couldn’t do that without what Comrades is. So I go back. If I skip a couple because I want to do something else or can’t that year,  it’s ok.

A part of me is always a Comrade. Even when I can’t. I’ll be there. Part of the story of me is out on that road.

The Ultra Ethos

Why do ultras?

The ultra-ethos:

Get yourself strong, start something you might not be able to do.

When the going gets tough, go on; when it gets tougher dig deeper;  go on until you finish it.

Not because you have to, were told or paid to, not because there is a crisis or a medal you can show or a reward

Go on because you choose to.


The engagement, you get to understand, creates good in you.