Comrades Training 2012. Another good week

Another 48 km in the legs. A solid 4 weeks at this distance with a 22 km long run in it. I know I could do more. But this base will be fine. Hardly need to recover from the runs anymore.

Copiong with this distance is a good place to be. Unless something goes wrong I can go into Comrades training with a good base for where I have come from, be well recovered and build from there.

The time is right. I can enter a 42.s km marathon soon, recover from that, enjoy end of year easy running and then hit the 24 week Comrades program fresh and strong.

I made an effort to be better hydrated and a chomped an energy bar well before the 4 km hill that comes 15 km into my Saturday long run.

That powered me up. I have now got hill gears and could shift down a couple and cruise up the hill.

Last weekend I tried to tough it out and it was hard. Maybe good training. But hard.



    i want to know what must I do if i want to participate in comrade marathon if i do not have a club and what is needed from me to do if i want regist for comrade marathon 2013

    • Paul Vorwerk says

      Hi if you live in South Africa then you will need to join a club and then you need to wait until September2012 to enter the 2013 Comrades Marathon. Its good to join a club as you get really good advice from the members and they will help you enter.
      More than that if you are not already running 4 or 5 times week for at least 40 min each time you run, then you’d better start running too.

  2. i think is beta to do personal research about how to train n what to eat

    • Paul Vorwerk says

      Yes.You need to see what works best for you. Other people can give good ideas for you to try but it has to work for you.