So … back to running

After this morning’s run, there’s no doubt I’ll always be a runner

Fabulous run. Not for recovery from the 2013 Comrades, nor for something like Comrades, as all the runs before 2 June were: committed, thought-through, after-analysed, all trying to build the right stuff to handle the monsters on the day and get through those tricky 54 miles distance, those 87 km of hills and heat – plus the walk to the start and trying to find the car afterwards.

So a 05:30  run  under a bit of moon, a few stars through a lot of streetlight pushing back the dark, just for the sake of running.

The power in my legs surged, made me hop, laugh and whistle; race oncoming cars across three lanes. And laugh again. Boundless running on bounding legs. Just love it.

And as I ran this Comrades culmination thing, this targeted, planned, focused, then made-real thing, bubbled and spurted, thrilling, filling, spilling.