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Records at Wildcoast Wildrun

Wildcoast Wildrun

Wildcoast Wildrun

The fifth Wildcoast Wildrun, organised by Wildrunner, came to an end on Saturday, 21 September when 69 exhausted but ecstatic runners arrived at Hole-in-the-wall after running 112km over three days.

The event started at the Great Kei River Mouth on Thursday, 19 September with runners from all over the country converging on the small town of Kei Mouth. Setting off with fresh legs everyone was looking forward to discovering the Wildcoast in the most intimate way during the following three days. Many of them did not realise how tough it will be to finish the event, but no-one realised the sheer beauty that will surround them and how the following three days will become an unforgettable memory.

It took many overworked muscles and a few mind-blowing blisters but in the end everyone managed to complete the race with a couple of records succumbing in the process.

Day 1: 44.2km – Kei Mouth to Kob Inn

The first day of the race kicked off in near perfect running weather but by the time the leaders went through the first checkpoint the light breeze had turned into a strong headwind. The going was tough and became even tougher with the wind picking up during the day and by the time the last runners arrived at the Qhorha River mouth they had to contend with a mighty current in their swim to the other side. The finish times on this day were indicative of the tough conditions. Sylvie Scherzinger made her intentions clear from the get-go by earning a first place overall in 4:27:29, more than three minutes ahead of the first man, Angelo Henry who finished in 4:30:40.

Day 2: 35.2km – Kob Inn to The Haven

There was many a worried face on Thursday night as the wind was still howling from the wrong direction. Friday dawned with perfect, wind still conditions though and even though the wind did pick up during the day it was coming from behind this time and everyone. By 2pm all the runners were safe and sound in the hotel and preparing for their final day of running. Sylvie Scherzinger once again took top honours in the ladies’ field and finished second overall with a time of 3:43:55. Jaco Barnard was first overall in a time of 3:20:55.

Day 3: 34km – The Haven to Hole-in-the-Wall

Once again the day arrived with perfect weather conditions and the wind picked up by 10am. Once again it was coming from behind and it pushed everyone across the finish line in faster than expected times. Records tumbled as Jaco Barnard finished in 3:14:02, nine seconds faster than the previous record, and Sylvie Scherzinger smashed the ladies’ record by five minutes, finishing in 3:33:10.

image credit: Nick Muzik

Overall results

Men Women
  1. Jaco Barnard


  1. Sylvie Scherzinger


  1. Angelo Henry


  1. Carly Kent


  1. Scott Stevenson


  1. Christine Woods


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