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Caveman ready for Xterra 2015

Caveman Conrad Stoltz

XTERRA legend Conrad Stoltz will kick-start the 2015 season in Buffelspoort (North West Province) when he toes the line at the much anticipated TOTALSPORTS XTERRA Full presented by REHIDRAT® SPORT on Saturday, 24 January 2015.

Stoltz started his XTERRA career in Richmond in 2001 when searching for a way to get motivated after the 2000 Olympics.  “I felt burnt out and had a hard time getting motivated for another four year slog to the next Olympic Games,” says Stoltz.  “My coach at the time said that I could do anything I wanted to get my mojo back.  Paging through a USA Triathlete Magazine, I saw a picture of Steve Larsen running his mountain bike through a knee deep stream.  This really appealed to my sense of adventure”.

“I made a few rookie mistakes at my first event including not knowing the course, borrowing a bike, riding with road pedals and road shoes to mention just a few,” continues Stoltz.  “For most new triathletes swimming is the biggest hurdle, but once you’ve learnt to swim it’s by far the easiest of the three disciplines. If you’re new to swimming, spend the time and money to get private lessons.  Swimming fitness is not a big deal.  It’s all about having a good stroke, being comfortable in open water and being able to swim straight without having to follow a black line on the bottom.  The XTERRA Buffelspoort mountain bike course is not exceptionally hilly or technical, but you need a decent level of fitness and skill to get through it in good shape. You’ll need some reserves for the run.  It is a tough run that starts out fun, scenic and technical, trail running at its best.  After about 5km, the trail points to the sky and you start climbing. It will probably be hot, you’ll definitely be tired and the hill is long, really long.  XTERRA is not easy, but I recommend it to all athletes because it is fun, it’s an adventure and you get to meet really cool people”.

Adventure enthusiasts that are not yet ready for the challenge of the Totalsports XTERRA Full, can enter the less daunting Totalsports XTERRA Lite.

Calling all trail runners:  Forming part of the action of South Africa’s largest off road triathlon, the PUMA Trail Run incorporates the XTERRA trail run routes and will take place on Sunday, 25 January 2015.


Totalsports XTERRA Full

Date: Saturday, 24 January 2015
Venue: Buffelspoort Dam
Format: 1.5km swim, 26.5km mountain bike and 12km trail run

Totalsports XTERRA Lite

Date: Sunday, 25 January 2015
Venue: Buffelspoort Dam
Format: 400m swim, 17km mountain bike and 6km trail run

PUMA Trail Run

Date: Sunday, 25 January 2015
Venue: Buffelspoort Dam
Format: 6km and 12km


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