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Don-Wauchope, Van Huyssteen take Gauteng IMPI

Carla van Huyssteen

Top multi-sport athletes, Ian Don-Wauchope and Carla Van Huyssteen set the course ablaze on Saturday, 27 September 2014 when they took on the IMPI Elite Race at the picturesque Van Gaalens Cheese Farm (Hartebeespoort / North West Province).  Don-Wauchope conquered the course in a lightning fast time of 01 hour 46 minutes 42 seconds, while Van Huyssteen successfully defended her title in the women’s race in a deserving time of 02 hours 04 minutes 18 seconds.

“I really didn’t expect to win,” says Don-Wauchope.  “I only heard about the IMPI Challenge on Friday.  We were in Johannesburg for a memorial service.  Sue and I always wanted to take part, so we made arrangements to spend the night.  I haven’t done any strength or upper body training.  The plan was literally to take part and learn as much as possible before we take on our next event.  The IMPI Elite Race was fantastic.  It definitely ads a new dimension to trail running.  I fully support IMPI Director, Pieter Du Plessis’s ethos of making the IMPI Challenge a true trail run with obstacles.  We are now very keen to take on the IMPI Elite Race in Cape Town in October”.  Eduan Neeb came in second, while Greg Avierinos finished third.

According to Van Huyssteen, all four IMPI structures are equally important.  “For the athlete that enjoys competition the IMPI Elite Race is ideal, while participants that enjoy competing together as a team will love the IMPI Challenge.  There literally is an IMPI event for all participants.  I had a very nice IMPI Elite Race today and really enjoyed the obstacles.  All in all the day was great fun.  The obstacles are challenging, but not life threatening.  I plan to compete at the IMPI Elite Race in Cape Town in October.  My focus at the moment is on mountain biking, but I will do my best to include some running in between my training as I’d like to be in top form when I compete”.  Nicolette Griffioen came in second, while Adrienne Moolman finished third.

Combining trail running with an adventure style obstacle course, the IMPI Challenge is a spectator friendly event that is ideal for the entire family!

Next on the IMPI calendar:

Date:                 Saturday, 18 October 2014 and Sunday, 19 October 2014
Venue:             Lievland Wine Estate and Wiesenhof Legacy Park (Stellenbosch)
Categories:     IMPI Challenge, IMPI Dash, IMPI Elite and IMPI Mini

Competitors can enter individually or as part of a team (teams vary in size from 2 – 25 people, although team members start together, they do not need to finish together).

There are four structures to choose from when entering the IMPI Challenge:

  • IMPI Challenge:  10 – 12km with18 obstacles (age 18+ years); R400 per entry
  • IMPI Dash:  5 – 7km with 12 obstacles (ages 10+, all adults welcome). R300 per entry
  • IMPI Mini:  1km with smaller supervised obstacles (ages 6 – 10 years).  R80 per entry for unlimited circuits of the course.
  • IMPI Elite:  15 – 20km with 25 tough obstacles (age 18+ years); timed event with prize money; R550 per entry.Best Dressed:  One of the many highlights of the IMPI Challenge, IMPIs are encouraged to let creativity reign.  The best dressed individual and/or team stand the chance to win awesome prizes compliments of our sponsors.

RESULTS / IMPI ELITE GP#2: Top 10 Men and Women

Date:  Saturday, 27 September 2014

Venue:  Van Gaalens Cheese Farm (Hartebeespoort / North West Province)

IMPI ELITE GP#2: Overall Results

Date:  Saturday, 27 September 2014

Venue:  Van Gaalens Cheese Farm (Hartebeespoort / North West Province)


Rank Name Surname Race Number TIME
1 Ian Don-Wauchope TA450 01:46:42
2 Eduan Neeb TA919 01:48:50
3 Greg Avierinos TB084 01:50:08
4 Louis Smit TB107 01:55:58
5 Adriaan Cronje TD431 01:56:59
6 Christiaan Greyling TE443 01:57:50
7 Nathan Hunt TE875 02:06:56
8 Herman Mulder TD298 02:07:51
9 Bennie Roux TA963 02:09:22
10 Vaughan Van Der Merwe TB349 02:11:34


Rank Name Surname Race Number TIME
1 Carla Van Huyssteen TD809 02:04:18
2 Nicolette Griffioen TA646 02:12:10
3 Adrienne Moolman TC515 02:14:30
4 Jetaime Ribbink TC021 02:29:57
5 Danel Botes TB788 02:34:47
6 Delise Marais TB126 02:38:42
7 Henre Kuhn TB650 02:58:43
8 Sue Don-Wauchope TD010 03:21:21
9 Elke Berg TE039 03:25:29
10 Marisa Van Der Linde TB241 04:07:31

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