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Three Ways To Add Some Fun To Your Treadmill Run

Even the most committed runners know that winter isn’t the ideal season when it comes to training. In summer, exhausting runs can be distracted from by lush scenery and picturesque sights. You can wear loose-fitting and comfortable running gear, feel the warm sun on your back and have a pleasant breeze to cool you down. In winter, a morning circuit through the cold air can be refreshing but more often than not it is a drizzly dash across wet concrete or muddy grass. Your face will be burning from the sharp gusts of wind whilst your body, encased in excessive layers, is drenched in sweat. Therefore, many go to the gym in these cold, dark months to keep themselves in shape.

The gym may offer warmth and protection during this hostile season but its static and monotone interior rarely inspires. When heading into that final painful mile, the gym often fails to offer you anything to distract you from the growing weariness. So, for those not quite brave enough to go outside and fight against the rain or snow but who can neither stand the boredom of the gym experience, here are some tips to keeping entertained during your training.

by  smith_cl9

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No matter how much you love to run, a constant focus on the task at hand can make even the most enthusiastic of us go mad. Therefore, it is always wise to give your mind something else to focus, and be tested, whilst on the treadmill or exercise bike. Most modern gyms now have an internet browser feature on their equipment, so why not take advantage of it?

Casino games are slowly paced enough to not prohibit your workout whilst still mentally taxing enough to distract you from your aching muscles, not to mention you might be able to pay for your gym membership with your winnings alone! If this seems an attractive idea, go to online casino comparison website such as to get an idea of which interfaces/designs would work best on a treadmill screen. There are many South African online casinos that will allow you to gamble a Rand or two while you sweat away your lunch.


The mp3 player has become as an essential piece of equipment as trainers and sweatbands for dedicated runners. However, we have all been in the situation where our device’s shuffle function has thrown an ill-timed slow-tempo number at us during a crucial juncture or gotten bored of the same tried-and-tested playlist we’ve had on repeat for weeks. So why not do something a little different and download some podcasts? has tons of free podcasts on a variety of subjects and will automatically update your device with the latest instalments of your favourites. Whilst these talky nuggets won’t necessary offer you a furious tempo to workout to, the interesting topics and heated debates will keep you distracted and entertained.


by  maHidoodi


Because nothing feels quite as satisfying as a complete burnout at the gym, people often don’t realise that the reason they don’t feel quite as mind-numbingly exhausted after a match of tennis or game of football is not down to these sports offering a less intensive workout. In fact, these sports offer a more regular, constructive tempo and others focus on the mind. Take tennis for example: this sport combines natural interval cardio training and an excellent all-around core workout. The combined processes of short, sharp sprints, fluid muscle movement and continual balance make this sport one of best workouts there is. Whilst we are not suggesting you hang up your gym membership for good, perhaps if you’re not feeling up to your fifth gym session of the week, why not do a sport instead to rest the mind, if not the body.

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