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Money for Athletes Assistance

Money for Athletes Assistance

Money for Athletes Assistance

It has come to Athletics South Africa’s attention that allegations are being made that little or no support is being given to athletes in order to travel and compete overseas in order to qualify for the Olympic Games in London. The source of the allegations is a foreign individual purporting to act as an athletes’ agent. He is currently under investigation on a number of grounds.

The truth is that to date 25 athletes have been assisted with overseas travel. This is in addition to the athletes who receive support from the Opex programme.  Athletics South Africa received a grant from the Department of Sport and Recreation for the purpose of assisting athletes with qualifying for the Olympic Games. The funding was based on a budget submitted to the department and Athletics South Africa is sticking to that budget and will account to the department for how the money is spent.

The reason for Athletics South Africa issuing this statement is that the individual concerned has made the allegations in correspondence to several newspapers and media houses and Athletics South Africa has received numerous queries. No further comment will be made on this matter by Athletics South Africa.

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