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Glorious Run 2018: A Recap

run in colour

Glorious Run 2018 – The military is an important part of a country. Without the great men and women who have fought for our countries or kept it safe then, we wouldn’t be here where we are.

While you can enjoy playing your favorite games and to some quick online betting, our military personnels often have to live in some of the harshest conditions in the world, only to protect us from the eyes of our enemies.

But more often than not veterans are mostly found in nursing homes. You can find them at nursing homes giving out stories about the good old days in the military.

The United States went a step further by introducing a new kind of recognition to these great men and women. The Old Glory Run is one of the events which have stepped in to celebrate the veterans in the country.

The programme is set at Minnesota where they raise funds for the disabled veterans. It started five years ago and has been running the epic journey consecutively each year. Last year The Disabled Veterans of Minnesota were able to get a new vehicle which was given to St Cloud.

This year’s event has already kick started in Boston on September 11. It will feature 10,000 Americans who will fly the flag across 24 states for the next 62 days. The RWB(Red, White, Blue) team run donning white, blue and red t-shirts across the states.

The start off ceremony began at Fenway. Some of the sponsors of the event were Microsoft, Westfield, Comcast NBCUniversal and Amazon.

A day later the flag arrived at Rhode Island State House. Some of the participants who were running were welcomed by Governor Gina Raimondo. Day three saw the old glory relay start at Hamilton Hall at the US Coast Guard Academy. This was the first time the Academy was taking part in the relay.

Some of the other places it went through are -The Bronx, the 9-11 Memorial, Pittsburgh, Detroit and Chicago. Finally, it hit the Minnesota/Iowa border earlier this month. The flag made three stops while in Iowa that is in Town, Des Moines and Anita.

Trevor Lloyd is one the Americans who are participating in the relay. He is one of the graduates from
Fort Dodge Senior High School. He is a professional golf instructor who first joined the Old Glory Run two years ago. He is part of Team RWB.

A lot of people who participate in the event (RWB)

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