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Worldwide Training section articles

In this section we will list the articles from Time-to-Run contributors worldwide: View : The training articles Why are Runners so hard on themselves? The Need for Sleep Ten Mistakes Endurance Athletes Make Timing your Workout Components of endurance training explained Build Rest and Recovery Into Your Fitness Programme The cornerstones of training In the […]

Welcome to the Methods of the Training section

In this section we will be discussing the various training methods available for the athlete to reach their full potential. The first method we discussed was Interval Training, where we provided data to assist you in understanding the purpose of such sessions. This first article covered Interval Training Defined as well as The Physiology of […]

The Build Up Period – 10K Training programs

Further information to make a success out of your 10k training programs. Please note, this Build Up is only recommended for those who have trained on the 10k training programs previously. Do not start with the Build Up if you have not trained on the programs The Build Up was known in the days gone […]

The Off Training Period – 10K Training programs

Further information to make a success out of your 10k training programs. You have been training on the program for 3 to 4 months and you are beginning to feel jaded and the progress has become a little slower. It is time to rest. Rest and recovery is most important. We recommend a break of […]

Training to improve Aerobic power utilising Heart Rate

Train at percentage HRmax It is generally accepted that, aerobic capacity is developed by exercising with your heart rate at about 70% of maximum. During walking, or running, this increase is equivalent to about 55% of the VO2 max or, for college aged men and women, to heart rate of 130 to 140 beats per […]