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A Word with Rene Kalmer

Rene Kalmer

Rene Kalmer

The darling of the SPAR Grand Prix, Kalmer has dominated the SPAR races around the country for over a decade. Time-To-Run got a few minutes to chat to this well respected fabulous athlete as she prepares to defend her title for the SPAR Women’s 10/5km race here in Durban this Sunday (23 June). Kalmer was part of the marathon team that represented South Africa a the London Olympics last year and came 31st overall.
1 Favourite dessert / sweet
Belgian Waffle with caramel sauce.

2 Favourite movie
How to lose a guy in 10days.

3 If you could go see any band live, who would it be?

4 Have you ever arrived at an event and discovered you didn’t have your running shoes?
No, luckily not! I have a checklist. Racers – check, running vest -check. race number – check, energy drink- check, stopwatch – check.

5 Best road trip to an event?
December 2011, my sister, Christine and I went to Zanzibar. We used local transport, daladalas (2$) instead of 50$ Taxi rides,to save money for cocktails. The highlight was when we swam with dolphins at Kizimkazi.

6 A moment that stands out for you while competing?
Running the marathon at the Olympic Games was a career highlight especially seeing all the support on route in the pouring rain.

7 What do you think about while running?
Just keep running! Just keep running!

8 Best conditions to run in?
Sunny, not too hot or humid! No wind or rain. Basically Durban in the winter.

9 If you could shake anyone’s hand and hang out with them for half an hour, who would it be?
Paula Radcliffe

10 A day in the life of an SA Marathon runner entails…
Get up at 5am to do a morning run with my sister, Christine and sometimes Irvette Van Zyl joins us.
Breakfast, before a 9am Pilates class or gym session at Virgin Active.
A sport massage once a week, not so pleasant experience.
An hour nap before I meet my coach Gerrie Coetzee at the track for a quality workout.

11 Best part of the London Olympics?
The London Olympics was one big highlight. Staying in the Olympic Village with 10 000 Sport stars. The dining hall that’s open for 24hours and can seat 5 000 people at a time. All the freebies from generous sponsors like Adidas and Oakley. Having a lot of family and friends in London to support me, all wearing “Run Rene Run” t-shirts that was designed by Christine. Of course coming back from London with a boyfriend…

12 Favourite destination
An island anywhere

13 New Year’s resolutions – did you make any and have you stuck to it / broken them yet.
Not big on New Year’s resolutions or keeping them.

14 Early morning catches the worm or late night owl?
Early morning catches the worm.

15 Sugar or spice?

16 10km or Marathon?
10km, especially a SPAR Ladies 10km

17 Left or Right foot first

18 Rugby, soccer or Cricket?
Rugby! Big Cheetah supporter

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