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Suspension of 5 Boards of ASA

Athletics South Africa

Athletics South Africa has taken note of the attempt by Boland Athletics to usurp the role of the national federation and call a general meeting of ASA. Their attempt is a blatant attempt to undermine the Constitution of ASA, especially since an official annual general meeting of ASA is due to be held the next day.

Athletics South Africa regrets to announce that it has been compelled to invoke clause 7, of the ASA Constitution, and suspend the Boards of Boland Athletics, Central Gauteng Athletics, KwaZulu Natal Athletics, Athletics South Western Districts and Western Province Athletics for unjustifiably violating the provisions of the ASA Constitution.

The Members concerned were planning to hold a meeting which they claimed to be a general meeting of ASA, the day before the scheduled AGM of ASA and shortly before a visit to South Africa by the IAAF. Despite repeated warnings that they were acting in violation of the ASA Constitution the Members continued regardless.

Enquiries indicated that there was not the support of 12 provincial members as they had claimed but rather that the five Members concerned were acting in the names of other Members. Further enquiries showed that the Boards of the affected Members had not received mandates from the clubs in their regions and accordingly it would be patently unfair to act against the province as a whole thereby prejudicing the athletes.

Except for Boland Athletics and Central Gauteng Athletics, where the CEO and the General Manager respectively are also suspended, the remaining office bearers and employees of the affected Members are not affected by the suspension.

The suspensions are from all athletics activities, save where the individual concerned is a bona fide coach. In order not to prejudice their athletes they will be permitted to continue coaching but not participate in any other athletics activities.

The suspensions are pending decisions in each case by the Disciplinary Committee of Athletics South Africa. In the interim, any individual affected may make representations to ASA to show that they were not party to any decision by their province to act in violation of the provisions of the Athletics South Africa Constitution. In that case the Board may lift their suspensions pending the decision of the Disciplinary Committee.

The General Managers (or the most senior employee if the general manager has been suspended) of the Members affected by this decision shall, as a matter of urgency, call a meeting of the clubs affiliated to the Member to elect an interim committee to manage the Member pending the outcome of the Disciplinary Committee’s decision. Where this does not happen, any club or clubs within the affected region shall be permitted to ask Athletics South Africa for assistance.

No suspension shall be seen as a finding of guilt until the matter has been pronounced upon by the Disciplinary Committee.

No-one within ASA is not trying to avoid allegations made against them, and any allegations made against any person, even by those who have acted outside of the Constitution, shall be referred to the Disciplinary Committee for investigation. However, since there have been too many unproven and unsubstantiated allegations made during 2013 no further allegations made after the date hereof shall be countenanced.

The IAAF has been notified of the action taken.

All other members of the Athletics Family in South Africa are requested to work together to rebuild the sport, within the framework of the laws of South Africa and the Constitution and Rules of the IAAF and ASA.

All media enquiries must be forwarded to, and will be responded to within 48 hours.

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